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40 Steve Healey – Fifth Dimension

Steve Healey is the director and founder of Fifth Dimension Consulting Engineers a structural engineering firm specialising in high-end residential and low-rise commercial & industrial builds. Steve talks us through his approach as to how core values can integrate within a business to elevate...

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39 Shay Lawrence – CaliWoods

Shay Lawrence is the founder of CaliWoods which is a eCommerce store that focuses on genuine environmentally up-lifting products. Right from the start Shay has risen to the challenge by taking a refreshingly honest, personal and optimistic approach to global environmental problems. We were...

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38 Galeno Chua – Leading With Empathy

Galeno Chua is a strategy and marketing entrepreneur with a passion for changing the way people view waste. His approach bridges designing out waste from the start through to the values we impart to our children. After a decade of working with Governments, NGOs...

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37 Rico Gomez – NeuroFit

Rico Gomez is a mental health coach with the goal to help individuals get unstuck by clearing the mental mess. Awesome to catch up with Rico again and delve into the current issues surrounding NZ’s mental health crisis. RECORDED ON: 8 June, 2023 #neurofit...

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36 Lee Stevens – Workforcery

Lee Stevens is the founder of Workforcery; which is a simple HR software solution to rapidly onboard and manage employees. Lee also produces the Time & Motion Podcast – In which he talks with business owners about their stories. I was stoked to be...

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35 Erin – Mental Health Advocate

Erin is the heroine of her own story. She takes us through the highs and lows of what it’s like to experience the mental health system first hand – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly so to speak. She shares her perspective, life...

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