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49 Aaron & Steve – NZ Stormchasers

Aaron Wilkinson and Steve Burrows are the local duo behind NZ Stormchasers Born out of a fascination with storms as a child, Aaron later developed his interest further when he decided to get up close and personal with thunderstorms in order to capture photos...

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48 Janet Stott – Homegrown Primal

Janet Stott is the founder of Homegrown Primal, an amazing kiwi business that specialises in 100% New Zealand Grass-fed beef organ supplements. Covering a wide range of needs, with 100% bioavailable vitamins and minerals, from a nutrient dense multi through to targeted womens, mens,...

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47 Bianca Smeekes – Neurospark | Mindflex

Bianca Smeekes is a certified NLP and Lightning Process Practitioner as well as the founder of Neurospark and Co-founder of Mindflex. Like many people who suffer from complex chronic health issues, Bianca exhausted the options within traditional mainstream medicine, and out of sheer desperation...

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46 Nathan Taylor – Partly

Nathan Taylor is a co-founder and COO of Partly, an automotive parts commerce platform, designed to simplify, enhance & connect the industries large and complex supply chain. The incredible growth Partly has experienced over the last 3 years is a direct reflection of the...

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45 Ben Creagh – Powerlifter

Recorded On: 11/12/2023 Ben Creagh is a Powerlifter with an impressive 5 x GPC world records to his name. For Ben it’s very much painting by day and training by night. He is also a wealth of information regarding wellness, nutrition and Harley Davison’s....

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44 Rebekah Pemberton – Tealskie

Rebekah Pemberton is the lead vocalist in @Tealskie , a local band thrashing out a high energy 90’s inspired rock vibe. Rebekah literally embodies creativity with her wildly imaginative and infectious personality. With a number of projects on the go, we especially can’t wait for...

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