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56 Kezia Rodden – Brix Therapy

Kezia Rodden, the owner of Brix Therapy, has post graduate qualifications and experience in mental health and interventions, with an interest in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and anxiety symptoms. Kezia specialises in LEGO® Based Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, two innovative approaches. LEGO®...

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55 Barry Lynch – V-Quest

Barry Lynch is the co-founder of V-Quest, an innovative software tool aimed at simplifying the decarbonisation process for new constructions. Designed with compatibility in mind, V-Quest works flawlessly within popular design software platforms such as Revit, ArchiCad, and SketchUp. It offers users instant access...

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54 Marcus Shaw – Business Mastery

Recorded on: 18 April, 2024 Marcus Shaw is the owner of Business Mastery, using the actionCOACH framework to deliver on three specialist areas; 1:1 Business coaching, an Accountability Program and Behavioural Intelligence. Marcus helps business owners scale their profits without sacrificing their time, offering...

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53 Mike Beer – Ghostcat

Recorded on: 4 April, 2024 Ghostcat is a scratch build artist that makes scale reproductions ranging from miniature VCR cassettes to freight carriages and filthy dumpsters. His upcoming exhibition Ghosts on Every Corner will showcase a collection of 10 iconic Christchurch pre-quake buildings. Along...

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52 Harley Bell – Poet

Harley Bell is a poet, writer and apprentice of coffee. In this episode he talks about the creative process, the suffering and ecstasy of poetry. He also explores the intersection of cafes and art. Harley is currently writing a poetry book, Wild Altar. Listen...

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51 Kieran Haymes – Photosynthesis

Kieran Haymes Co-founded Photosynthesis and serves as its Director, a non-profit video and photographic studio dedicated to community and artistic endeavours. Together with his team, Kieran has amassed a range of equipment and developed a versatile space. This space actively hosts a diverse array...

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